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Month: August 2017

Last month we told you about The Art of Watches, a rare opportunity for Patek Philippe collectors and enthusiasts to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the inner workings of the renowned watchmakers. Over the course of 11 days, the Grand Exhibition welcomed 2400 visitors a day, with lines that stretched around the block. We… read more

Luxury timepieces are more than just a way of telling time. For women especially, they can be a statement piece — the perfect jewelry accessory to finish off that stylish outfit. Forward thinking, yet strong and classic enough to be considered “timeless” like Audrey Hepburn or Sophia Loren. Here at Windsor, we’re proud to offer… read more

To understand the importance Windsor Jewelers has played in the community for the past 30 years, we need to take a look back at a little of the history of the local jeweler. During the 19th century in America, jewelry became a common and available accessory. Small one-artist studios started making room for larger workshops… read more