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7 Custom Designed Jewelry Myths (and How We Bust Them)

May 17, 2017

So, you’ve been searching for that perfect piece of jewelry and you just can’t seem to find it… anywhere. You will know it when you see it, you keep telling yourself, because you have a vision of it in your head. Going the route of having your vision custom made has also crossed your mind, but you’re hesitant to pull the trigger. It costs too much. It’ll take forever. I won’t like the final piece. Let us help you get past some of the common myths regarding custom designed jewelry.

Myth #1 – I Won’t Have Much Latitude in Design

Actually, the reality is that our craftsmen here at Windsor Jewelers are able to make just about anything you can dream of. Our staff is equipped with state-of-the-art CAD (computer-aided design) software, plus, they can also hand manufacture from raw materials. So, with both methods at our disposal, we can create the perfect piece of jewelry just for you.

Myth #2 – My Input Won’t Really Count

It is all about you and your needs when we’re creating a custom piece. We will sit down with you on as many occasions as it takes to get a good feel for what you want for your new piece. This is an intense investigative time where we go over every detail of the design and make sure we get all of your wants and dreams conveyed into the new design. After we have a solid idea, we then take the details and make a realistic rendering using CAD drawings. The result is a good visual of how your new piece of jewelry will look. Once the drawing is approved, a cast of the design is made into metal. Finally, our custom jeweler takes the casting and hand forms it into your beautiful new piece of jewelry.

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Myth #3 – It Won’t Really Be Custom, More Like Configured

Not at all. Your piece of jewelry is truly customized – there are no constraints. The only time we will point you in another direction is if your desired design is not secure or a good fit with the type of stone(s) you want to use. Some stones are actually more fragile than others, so we always keep this in mind. The mountings have to be structurally secure so we will advise you of the best mix of metal for the foundation. Beyond that, everything is based on your vision.

Myth #4 – My Design Will Have to Be Simple

We have a hands-on approach with custom design. We do not rely on a simple computer software program to tell us what can be done like so many other “custom jewelers.” Our custom designs feature the best of CAD design with the added flair of hand finishing and even hand engraving if you desire. You’ll be working with a national award-winning jeweler to help create your custom treasure.

Myth #5 – It Will Take a Long Time

Meticulous craftsmanship and a detailed process for design and build do take time. Generally, though, we can have a custom piece done in four weeks: from the time of our first meeting to delivery.

Myth #6 – The Work is Farmed-out

Never! All of the conception, design, and crafting are all done in-house. Each component of your jewelry stays right here, with us, throughout the entire process.

Myth #7 – There Won’t Be a Warranty on the Piece

We absolutely provide a warranty on our mountings – for a lifetime! Now, this is good for manufacturing defects and so forth, but not abuse. Our custom mountings are superior to mass produced pieces as we hand-finish and hand-set the diamonds in the manufacturing process. You will definitely have peace-of-mind that your custom jewelry will last and last.

Now that we’ve debunked the common myths associated with custom designed jewelry, take the next step and stop by one of our stores in Winston-Salem or Charlotte. We’ll help you get started on creating a spectacular piece of jewelry that you’ll treasure forever!

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