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A story about a diamond

April 25, 2018

CUSTOM DESIGN is a wonderful way to choose exactly what you want, whether it’s an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry that you’re dreaming of, and it can be as custom as you want.  You might see a setting that you love but want just one little change made to it for it to be perfect for you, or it can be a family piece that has been passed on that needs an updated look.  That’s where custom design works so well.

Today’s blog is about a customer who had a diamond passed on to him that had been in his family for years.  Eric, our jeweler and designer, just completed the ring shown here, using that customer’s diamond.

Every custom design piece is a new adventure, but Eric especially loves working with family heirlooms.  “These projects always feel a little more special to me since they already have a history with the family.  I always feel honored to be trusted to breathe new life into writing another chapter for them!”

These photos capture the evolution of the setting Eric created for this special couple. His customer’s soon-to-be fiancée wanted a rose gold setting that had an antique feel to it, so Eric alloyed the gold mix to create a beautiful, deeper rose gold tone.  Yes, even the color gold that you choose can be different in a custom design!  Another thing that Eric did was to cast this ring in two different pieces.  “We did this to allow us to polish every single nook – that way, nothing is left untouched or less than perfect. Most mass produced rings are cast as a single piece which may leave some areas of the ring to remain unpolished and unfinished.  You can see the roughness from the casting process, which all goes away during the finishing and polishing of the ring.”

Once the finishing was complete on both pieces, they were soldered together and then the diamonds were set.  The customer chose a petite halo setting to surround the center diamond, so that it would accent the family stone and not overpower it visually.  A milgrain finish detail was added around the diamonds. (Milgrain decorations are strings of tiny bead shapes placed at the edges of a jewel. Milgrain can usually be found surrounding set stones or on the edges of a ring or other piece of jewelry and is very common in antique style jewelry.)

The last step in the process was to fully polish the ring to perfection one last time. In this design, Eric left the underneath of the ring design very open to allow for as much light to pass through the diamond and give it tons of sparkle.

Start your story with us and see how we can custom design the perfect piece that belongs to only you!

– Ben

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