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Men’s Luxury Watches: Reasons to Consider Panerai

February 11, 2015

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When it comes to men’s luxury watches, Panerai has created a cult-like following and for good reason. These classic Italian timepieces offer style, a fascinating heritage, and cutting-edge technology. We’re proud to be the only jewelry store offering Panerai in the Carolinas. Here’s why you’ll fall for these must-have watches:

Italian Style and Swiss Precision

Panerai first originated in the 1800’s and while over 200 years have passed, their classic Italian style and their precise Swiss technology have evolved to create a sleek and timeless masterpiece.

Each Panerai watch is unique and authentic, just like the individual wearing it. Each piece is extremely well-crafted and resistant. Panerai watches are solid, reliable, precision instruments, yet extremely classic and breathtaking in design.

A Rich History Born from a Passion for the Sea

Panerai was the first watch maker to create a professional military underwater watch, the Radiomir, for the Italian National Navy. The company’s love of the sea, which remains its identity, and place of origin, continues to resonate today through its sleek design. Many of the original features are still present in the modern day watches. The Radomir, boasts a large, cushion shaped steel base, luminescent hands and indices and a water resistant base and strap.

The Mare Nostrum, which means “our sea”, was originally designed to help WWII divers accurately keep time of their operations. While only a few prototypes remain, this new watch has been reborn with great technical accuracy and similar characteristics of the 1943 original.

Homage to Divers

Interestingly, the winding crown and iconic crown protector are on the left hand side of the watch. Back in the 1950s, the Italian frogmen wore a mechanical wrist watch, a compass and a depth gauge – all on their wrists. So some divers preferred to wear their watch on the right wrist, and for them Panerai created a watch with the winding crown on the left side, often called a “destro” watch.

Today, Panerai is known for this distinctive feature among men’s luxury watches, and some divers still prefer a left-hand crown to prevent it from getting caught on gear or zippers, protecting them from dangerous snags when out to sea. 

Modern Innovation

A new material never used before in watch making is making its debut in the submersible collection. Carbotech is a composite material bound together and heated to form a tough resilient, tough and scratch-proof fiber that is lightweight, non-corrosive and hypoallergenic. No two watches look the same and the wave like pattern of the Carbotech echo the unity of Panerai and the sea.

The end result is historic military watch with space age technology. This fusion of the past meeting the future is a one of a kind watch that is easily identifiable as Panerai.

Discover Panerai for Yourself

Panerai’s eye for detail and uncompromising commitment to design, have made them a collector’s favorite. Their minimal characteristics and their unique appearance make them a timeless centerpiece to be treasured.

If you’re an aficionado of men’s luxury watches, come by our stores to experience the quality of Italian design and Swiss technology with a Panerai timepiece.

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