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Previously worn, but always loved…should I buy a pre-owned watch?

June 12, 2018

If you’re a watch enthusiast, you know that the market for pre-owned and vintage luxury watches has been HUGE for the last few years. One of the main motivators for buying a pre-owned watch is cost. Luxury watches depreciate just like cars, and when buying a pre-owned watch, the original owner incurs most of the depreciation, letting you get the watch of your dreams for a fraction of the cost. However, unlike a car that gets driven off the lot and continues losing value until the day it’s sold, luxury watches have a minimum value that they will not go below. Even better, the odds are pretty good that if you sell your pre-owned watch in the future, you’ll probably get close to what you paid for it!

Availability and exclusivity are other smart reasons to look at pre-owned watches. Many fine watchmakers discontinue producing certain models, which means that you may not be able to find the timepiece you want as a new watch purchase. And, if availability is limited, that makes the watch even more exclusive and valuable.

When considering a pre-owned watch purchase, you want to make sure it’s authentic – not just the watch itself, but all of the parts inside as well. At Windsor Jewelers we verify the authenticity of every pre-owned timepiece and service it to “like new” condition before we sell it.

Exploring a pre-owned luxury watch is a great option to get that timepiece you’ve always wanted: aside from being a fine example of exquisite craftsmanship, they’re a pretty good investment, too. Check out our Pre-Owned Timepiece page today and discover your pre-owned, previously-loved-but-always-wanted luxury watch today!!

– Ben

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