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Three Stunning Watch Brands Every Woman Should Own

May 17, 2016

Many women enjoy purchasing a luxury watch – to commemorate a special occasion, to add to their collection or to make a new statement. Whatever your reason for selecting an exceptional timepiece, there are several brands we know you’ll love. Learn about the heritage, style and characteristics of these luxury watches for women – to find the perfect one for you:

1) The Chic Style of TAG Heuer

Why TAG Heuer: This Swiss company is the brand people think of when they’re looking to purchase their first high-end timepiece. Known as one of the most innovative luxury watch brands, their tagline, “Swiss Avant-Garde since 1860,” describes how they’ve been pushing the boundaries of watchmaking technology for years. As one of the largest luxury watch brands, they have a heritage of innovation, performance and glamour.

The type of woman who’ll want one: She’s classic, timeless and modern.

Why our customers love it: This popular brand is a favorite among our customers due to its contemporary looks and affordable options. The watches come in a variety of materials, movement options and prices. It’s a watch you’ll love to wear every day because of its easy, everyday style.

Price range: $1,000-$6,000

2) The Bold Design of Bell & Ross

 Why Bell & Ross: This luxury Swiss watch brand is the perfect choice for anyone desiring a bold and unique design. The watches are designed on four principles: water resistance, Swiss ETA movement, clear visual indicators and individualized special functions. Representing a wonderful synthesis of form and function in a finely made Swiss watch, each Bell & Ross timepiece is not only a statement of superb quality, but is a useful companion for life.

The type of woman who’ll want one: She’s bold, adventurous and sporty.

Why our customers love it: The vintage design of Bell & Ross classic timepieces make them fun to collect and a joy to wear. The square face of the watch and the domed crystal, along with the subdued color palette, make it a classic and cool watch to own. The dependability and the Swiss ETA movement have lifted Bell & Ross to a higher standard in timepieces, while keeping these watches at an affordable price.

Price range: $3,000-$9,000

3) The Timeless Perfection of Patek Philippe

Why Patek Philippe: Patek Philippe Watch Company prides themselves as not only a leader in watch making but true masters of the art. They have mastered all steps in watch manufacturing from development to the final stages of assembly. Their passion for precision craftsmanship is seen in every piece they produce and is one example of why the Swiss are known as the best in the business.

With an excellent reputation and outstanding array of traditional and contemporary watches, Patek Philippe is much desired among collectors and individuals alike. The brand definitely has cache among luxury watch aficionados. When you wear a Patek Philippe watch, you will be among the CEOs, heads of state, and celebrities to enjoy these elegant timepieces.

The type of woman who’ll want one: She’s elegant, glamorous and sophisticated.

Why our customers love it: Simply put, a Patek Philippe watch will be the center of attention wherever it is worn. Their understated elegance conveys confidence. Patek owners know they have the very best in craftsmanship, heritage, and design sitting on their wrists – and once you’ve owned a Patek Philippe, nothing else will do.

Price range: $9,500 and up

When you look in our cases, you’ll know why we consider TAG Heuer, Bell & Ross and Patek Philippe the best luxury watches for women like you. We can’t wait to show you the perfect watch today.

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