Mechanical watch owners frequently ask whether or not they need a watch winder.
Luxury watches are engineered for precision and durability but require regular attention and maintenance to ensure that they serve the wearer for years to come. Modern watches possess an oscillating weight inside and a perpetual movement that automatically winds the watch as it moves, a simple flick of the wrist will keep them working precisely. Dormancy makes setting a watch much more of a chore for complicated styles that have annual calendars and moon phases.

So…the answer is: yes! Every collector needs a watch winder to keep their favorite timepieces running smoothly and ready-to-wear. Whether you have a single watch or a collection with dozens of precision timepieces, an automatic winder will give you more enjoyment and help make game-day decisions when choosing which one to wear!

Watch winders complement the quality of the mechanical watch inside and are created in natural wood or other fine materials, contain a watch-holding mechanism and a silent motor. Many models have fully programmable features to accommodate the most technically sophisticated timepieces.

Windsor Jewelers carries these fine watch winder brands:

SCATOLA DEL TIEMPO: these winders boast the unique distinction of being the first manufactured in the world and are crafted in Italy with exceptional care, precision and dedication to unrivaled style.


KUBIK: the ultra-quiet and Swiss-made motor and micro-processor turn a watch at its factory setting in these battery-operated Swiss winders that are ideal for travel. They’re supplied with a USB cable and software to adjust the turns-per-day, direction and even the LED light color.


UNDERWOOD LONDON: based in Florence, Italy and manufactured since 1945, these winders feature the same Maxon motor used by NASA and the European Space Agency and are among the most sophisticated on the market.



WOLF DESIGNS: combining style, patented technology and 180 years of perfection, these are some of the best watch winders built in the industry. From fine leather to beautiful burlwood carrying cases and watch winders, they can accommodate anyone.

So, whatever you decide, we’re here to help you select the right winder for your luxury Swiss timepiece. Stop in and see our selection today.

– Ben