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What Happens When a Jeweler Picks an Engagement Ring?

July 28, 2015

Congratulations to Ben Simon, Vice President of Windsor Jewelers! Here’s the story of how he selected the perfect ring for his fiancée:

“When I recently got engaged, some friends asked me: With all the jewelry options in the world, how do you find the perfect engagement ring for the perfect woman?

When you think of engagement rings you are faced with a world of options: from the style of the ring and the shape of the stone, to the intricacies of the stone’s cut and its color- there are so many directions to go. Even for someone like me who has the opportunity to interact with diamonds on a daily basis, picking the right ring was time-consuming and honestly a stressful process! It can be overwhelming for anyone, that’s for sure.

I spent a few months just deciding the shape of the diamond alone, for example, not to mention the clarity, color, etc. However, at a certain point a diamond will speak to you, and this one certainly did!

To me, the real defining factor out of the ‘4 Cs’ (cut, color, clarity and carat) is cut. The diamond I chose is a 2.04-carat round brilliant-cut diamond with a cut grade Excellent by GIA. That means the most sparkle is going to be sent back at your eye when compared to something like a ‘very good’ or ‘good’ cut.

The cut of the diamond is the only aspect of the 4 Cs that is naturally affected by man, which is I believe is notable when defining what makes a diamond special.

I wanted to find my fiancée, Jade, something classic, relatively conservative, but still stunning, so I went with a beautiful mounting by Rahaminov, one of our favorite designers.

The mounting is done in platinum and is one of their best-known styles, but I had it altered a little bit beneath the ‘basket’ so that a wedding band would fit more flush against the side of the ring.

The ring I chose for Jade is based on Rahaminov’s Forevermark Solitaire, Classic Ring 3. It’s a solitaire ring with a round brilliant diamond, accented with white diamond melee which rises up underneath the diamond to form “martini glass” shaped sides.

When I saw this mounting originally I just knew that it was her. She’s sophisticated, beautiful and understated, and this ring seemed to embody those qualities.

When it comes to the diamond, honestly I was torn because I heard through the grapevine that she liked both cushion and round shaped diamonds. Eventually I asked enough cryptic questions to find out that round would be her top choice. (Round is classically the most popular choice for engagement rings because it is typically the most brilliant of the cuts, all things considered.)

When it came time to pop the question, Jade definitely knew something was going on because I was extremely nervous, so I was probably acting different than normal. I asked her at my grandparents’ beach cottage in Morehead City, NC. There’s a really cool old dock that extends out into the sound. When I woke up on Monday, July 6th, Jade was already awake and sitting out on the end of the dock, and it was a beautiful morning… I just knew it was time! There was no real plan, except I knew that I was going to do it.

Thankfully she said yes!

I decided not to pick a wedding band because I thought that would be fun for Jade to do. Generally that is a more personal thing and I think she would really enjoy picking her own band. Some people like to make it a set from the get-go though, which makes a lot of sense as well.

People always ask me what the right price is for an engagement ring. Some guys tell me that they have heard the ring should be 2-3 months of their pay. I tell them there is no real price range because you can’t put a price on love (sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true!). The meaning behind a ring and an engagement is not based on its retail value.

We also get lots of questions about engagement ring trends. We’ve seen more rose gold present in engagement rings, whether either in the mounting itself or the band. Yellow gold is also becoming more and more popular again – it has always been there, but of course white metals have been the trend for some time overall.

Purchasing a ring for your significant other can be a little intimidating, but one can get a beautiful ring within any budget. As long as the love is there, the ring will work itself out.”

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