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Why Every Watch Collector Will Want a NOMOS

June 16, 2015

Luxury watch collectors rejoice! Windsor Jewelers now offers the distinctive German watches made by NOMOS Glashütte.

Refined Watches

These are watches with movements (or calibers) made by a unique combination of handcrafting and machining. Instead of batteries and quartz, these watches run on mechanical systems with components like sapphire crystal and oil-storing rubies.

Made in Glashütte, the tiny German town near Dresden where German watchmaking was born, NOMOS Glashütte takes a sophisticated, less-is-more approach to design on both the inside and outside of the timepiece.

Spend a few minutes on their website, and you’ll see that the company – founded by Roland Schwertner in 1990, two months after the fall of the Berlin Wall – has taken an upstart approach to their work.

This independent watchmaker has racked up an impressive list of products and more than 120 awards for quality, value-for-money and design.

In-House Movements

Since 2005 NOMOS has used only in-house manufactured movements, freeing them from the use of third-party calibers.

To put this into perspective, there are only 20 companies worldwide that make their own calibers.

“Managing to do this feels a little like landing on the moon,” explains Uwe Ahrendt, NOMOS Glashütte’s General Manager.

In addition to manufacturing its own movements, NOMOS was the first company to produce mechanical watches under the Glashütte stamp of origin.

This stamp is given to companies that create watches where at least 50 percent of the watch’s value is made in Glashütte. NOMOS Glashütte takes this a step farther by using up to 95 percent of components made in Glashütte.

The Price

But what’s so striking about these watches isn’t just their inner workings or their classic-with-a-twist style.

It’s their price point: $1,500-$5,000.

These are perfect for collectors who want to buy a watch destined to become a classic while the company is still young. Buyers may also consider purchasing one watch from both of these eras, pre-in-house caliber and post, to showcase the company’s range of work.

Non-collectors, will appreciate them for their simple, clean style and everyday wear-ability. This is the perfect watch to mark a moment: college graduation, a first job or even the birth of a child.

Bauhaus Style

In WWI, when watches made the leap from pocket watch to wristwatch, the style was for portable, slim watches with a modern look. Think, for example, of the classic Cartier Tank watch or the Rolex Oyster.

Over the years watches have become larger, heavier and jewel-studded – true statement pieces. But there also has remained a hunger for those small, refined, elegant timepieces reminiscent of times past.

NOMOS seeks to capture that classic style while giving it a modern twist.

German graphic designer Susanne Günther drew the designs for NOMOS’s first watch, the Tagente, which was called a harmonious blend of dial and case. She and the design team based the style on the Bauhaus school of design (founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius), which favored simplified forms, functionality and the spirit of individuality.

For example, their newest watch, the diver’s watch Ahoi – with its sky-blue hands and clean, sans serif numbers – has an upbeat, sporty look. And the Tagente, which Susanne Gunther calls the epitome of NOMOS, remains popular in all its incarnations.

For women, Minimatik’s more feminine mien – which doesn’t require hand-winding – makes an elegant option, as does the aforementioned brightly colored Lux from the echelons of the Lux Cicada line.

As if great design and an affordable price aren’t enough, NOMOS has also created a watch line whose proceeds support Doctors Without Borders. For every one sold, NOMOS will donate 100 EUR, USD or GBP to the organization.

Come to our Charlotte store and see why we’re so excited to feature NOMOS. Windsor Jewelers is the only jeweler in North Carolina to carry NOMOS Glashütte. I can’t wait for you to experience one of these handcrafted, highly accurate yet affordable timepieces yourself. Start your collection today!

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