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Artistic, Innovative: QLOCKTWO

February 19th, 2019

Meet QlockTwo: these contemporary wall and desk clocks tell time in words. The typographical display uses the written word to tell time and turns it into a statement. For example "It is half past seven".

The time is displayed as text in five-minute intervals. If you need to have a more exact time, each of the four corners represents one minute, giving you the exact time. Qlocktwo has a brightness sensor which allows for the illumination of the letters to be automatically adjusted.

The QLOCKTWO Wall Clock is very attractive and a favorite among home decorators. This modern clock is literally moving art that tells time with words. It's a great way to add style with a time-telling implement, and a truly unique and interesting way to use a timepiece as an art piece without losing any functionality. From the German studio of Biegert & Funk, it has a lacquered wooden body and a polished acrylic surface with interchangeable faceplates for a custom look. This high quality, designer clock is available in many colors, finishes and sizes and is a great modern, classic touch, for any home or office.

Visit us to see this creative and architecturally interesting clock that tells time in words at Windsor Jewelers today.

- Ben