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Chainging times

August 16th, 2018

You can update your jewelry just by changing the chain that came with your necklace and give it - and you - a whole new look. Chain necklaces and bracelets come in a variety of designs for different uses and to suit every taste and style.

Selecting the right chain makes a difference in how it's worn and the other jewelry it's worn with. Gold or silver? Length? Style? All things to consider when choosing a chain.

Some chains are bold and can be worn alone as a statement, while others are more delicate and look best paired with a pendant dangling from it. And, with pendants, you can wear one or more together on the same chain, or several on different-length chains for a trendy look. Layering chain bracelets is another great way to mix and match styles.

Neck chains can be collar length, just above your chest or longer. The most common and popular chain length is 18 inches, while a 16-inch chain will fit more closely at your neck. You'll want to consider the neckline of your dress or top and how your jewelry will show for the most flattering chain length. Chain bracelets should also consider weight and proportion to your wrist and women's bracelets are typically 7 to 8 inches in length.

If you'll be wearing a pendant, you'll want a chain that can withstand its weight without overpowering it at the same time. A chain should be proportionate in size, and box chains or wheat chains are classic choices that are perfect for just about any pendant or charm addition.

Very simple designs are trending now, but chains are available with open or tight links, rounded, flat, plain or decorative lengths. Let our staff help you choose the chain that's perfect for you!

- Ben