Getting Engaged for Valentine's Day’

January 24th, 2023

Fancy-Shaped Diamonds: Not a fleeting trend, fancy diamond shapes will be big in 2023. While round-cut diamonds remain dominant, closely followed by the oval-cut, other popular shapes, like emerald and pear, are moving up right behind them as favorites. Like all other jewelry, there is a strong preference for the inclusion of colored stones in engagement rings and wedding bands, as well.

Let’s look at these top diamond shapes:

ROUND-CUT DIAMOND: Round-cut diamonds are known for their spectacular fire and brilliance and will continue to fascinate forever. A halo setting, pavé diamond setting, or a bejeweled shank helps to accentuate the understated beauty of the round-cut center stone for a spectacular visual impact. Lending some definitive inspiration for your Engagement Day, check out this ornate, round-cut diamond ring with an intricately-encrusted, sparkling shank:

Lanna 14K White Gold Round Diamond Engagement Ring ER16233R6W44JJ-1

EMERALD-CUT DIAMOND: With an old-meets-new aura, the vintage-era-inspired emerald cut has made a shimmering comeback over the past two years, and its popularity will rise higher in 2023. The shape looks incredibly sleek, sophisticated, and minimalistic, with step cuts and rectangular facets. 

Jonah 14K White Gold Emerald Halo Diamond Engagement Ring ER16190E5W44JJ-1

PEAR-SHAPED DIAMOND: Another diamond cut that will be sought-after in 2023 is the pear-shaped diamond. With its elongated shape, this dainty yet eye-catching teardrop-resembling diamond makes the fingers look slender.

Louann 14K White Gold Pear Shape Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring ER16289P6W43JJ-1

Now let’s look at the trends in engagement ring settings…

Just like the diamond shape, engagement ring settings are also witnessing a strong preferential based on personal choices. Below are a few settings that will be very popular in 2023.

HIDDEN HALO SETTING: Another well-admired engagement ring trend that enhances the beauty of the design without being too over-the-top is the hidden halo setting. Adding to the glory of the center stone, this setting, features a hidden row of diamonds just beneath the stone.

Allesia 14K White Gold Oval-Cut Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring ER16350O8W44JJ-1

EAST-WEST SETTING: An unconventional, fashion-forward choice, the east-west setting features a horizontal orientation of the center stone. Perfect for courageous, dramatic, and self-assured brides, this gives the usual solitaire ring a fresh perspective while the design stands out for its uniqueness. As personalization defines the theme of 2023, east-west settings will be the popular contemporary take on engagement rings this year.

Delphi 14K White Yellow Gold Bypass Oval Diamond Engagement Ring ER16277O6M4JJJ-1

MULTI-STONE SETTING: Lastly, several jewelry experts have vouched for multi-stone rings to be the shining rage this year. Couples particularly favor three-stone rings as they embody their relationship’s past, present, and future. With the center stone capturing the most limelight, you can choose between a three-stone or five-stone setting, depending on how extravagant a design you want; including colored gemstones in the array of side stones also adds vibrance. 

Divinity 14K White Gold Round 3-Stone Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring ER14621R4W44SA-1