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Rahaminov Diamonds

August 26th, 2020

Enter the Rahaminov Diamonds "Triple Threat" ring. This stunning ring features heart, oval, and radiant-cut diamonds. Each diamond is 2.01 carats, for a total carat weight of over 6 carats. Created by head designer and co-owner Tamara Rahaminov Goldfiner, the ring is an ode to her children. "I was inspired by my love for my three beloved children to design this new ring," said Goldfiner in a statement.
Though the total carat weight is high, the style is quite simple and perfect as an engagement ring or lovely as a statement piece.

Equally as lovely are Rahaminov's fancy flower rings, featuring pink or yellow center stone diamonds flanked by exquisite pear-shape stones as the petals. These stunning, classic designs are not only timeless but they're the kind of flowers that will never wilt!

And lastly from Rahaminov Diamonds, a social media favorite! These stunning oval diamond rings need no accent diamonds, or even an explanation. Just enjoy their beauty!

Windsor Jewelers is delighted to be a Rahaminov Diamonds retailer. For more than 70 years, Rahaminov Diamonds has been a trusted supplier of beautifully-cut, rare diamonds to fine jewelers. Designs are available in platinum and 18-karat gold and incorporate both classic white and fancy color diamonds. Their collections feature both meticulous and unusual cuts that are expertly faceted to highlight and enhance each diamond's shape. At Rahaminov Diamonds, the diamond inspires the design.