Cupid's Choice: Engagement Rings Ideal for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

January 5th, 2024

an engagement ring in a red ring box on a table set for a wedding

At Windsor Jewelers, our experts believe Valentine's Day provides the perfect backdrop for a proposal, combining the essence of romance with a timeless gesture of love. This special day, devoted to celebrating love, offers a unique opportunity to express your deepest emotions. Choosing the right engagement ring is crucial; it should not only reflect your partner's tastes and personality but also resonate with the spirit of Valentine's Day. Our incredible inventory of designer engagement rings ensures you'll find a piece that perfectly encapsulates both your partner's individuality and the holiday's romantic allure. Let Windsor Jewelers be your guide in creating an unforgettable Valentine's Day proposal.

a yellow gold halo engagement ring with a large halo cut center stone

Regal Halo Settings

Choosing a lavish, halo engagement ring, like this Fana Opulent Halo diamond engagement ring, elevates a Valentine's Day proposal to a truly royal affair. The halo setting, encircling a magnificent center diamond, not only enhances the ring's brilliance but also symbolizes the eternal bond you're promising. This exquisite design ensures that your partner feels like royalty, capturing the magic and romance of the occasion. The intricate details and superior craftsmanship of this ring reflect a deep commitment, making it a great selection for those seeking to make a grand gesture of love on the most romantic day of the year.

platinum engagement ring with multiple rows of diamonds

Romantic Shared Prong Ring

Embracing the warmth and tenderness of love, a rose gold engagement ring is another exemplary choice for a Valentine's Day proposal. This Precision Set engagement ring, with its enchanting shared prong setting, beautifully mirrors the holiday's heartfelt emotions. This particular metal's warm hue complements the sentiment of the day, reflecting the glow of deep affection and commitment. It's a modern yet timeless choice, offering a unique twist on traditional engagement rings. The soft pink tones of rose gold resonate with the romantic atmosphere of Valentine's Day, making your proposal not just a question but a poetic expression of your love.

a white gold engagement ring with three stones

Sentimental Three Stone Settings

Embodying the journey of love, a three-stone engagement ring is a deeply romantic choice. For instance, this Martin Flyer Flyer Fit ring, with its trio of stunning diamonds, beautifully represents the past, present, and future of a relationship. This symbolic design places the most prominent stone at the center, reminding you of the importance and beauty of the present moment. Each diamond in this arrangement tells a story, making the engagement ring a physical narrative of your shared journey. It's an eloquent reminder of your shared history and the bright future ahead.

a white gold engagement ring with a pink center stone and diamond accent stones

Pretty Pink Sapphires

For those seeking an unconventional yet romantic option, consider a ring with a pink center stone for your Valentine's Day proposal. This Gabriel & Co. Spotlight engagement ring, featuring a striking pink sapphire center stone, encapsulates the essence of Valentine's Day. Pink, a color that evokes feelings of love, tenderness, and affection, is a fitting choice for this occasion. It symbolizes both the sweetness and strength of love, making it a perfect choice for partners who cherish both these qualities. A pink center stone engagement ring is perfect for someone who appreciates traditional romance with a distinctive, personal twist.

close up image of a hand wearing a rose gold engagement ring with a pink, halo set center stone

Buy the Engagement Ring to Propose With this Valentine's Day at Windsor Jewelers

Explore the exquisite selection of Valentine's Day proposal-ready engagement rings at Windsor Jewelers. Both our Charlotte and Winston-Salem, North Carolina jewelry stores offer an exceptional variety of rings crafted by world-renowned brands. Our inventory is not just diverse but also embodies elegance and sophistication, ensuring you'll find the perfect ring to encapsulate your love. In addition to our remarkable inventory, we’re also proud to offer our clientele custom design services, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized ring. To make your engagement ring selection experience as special as your proposal, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with our knowledgeable team members.