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Wedding Band Styles

March 15th, 2021

Straight bands are named for their symmetrical, circular shapes and are commonly worn alone or paired with an engagement ring, depending on the engagement ring design.

Rarely worn alone, shadow bands are named for the way that they perfectly curve and contour the shape of the engagement ring that they're worn tightly beside. Some are designed with multiple curves and points while others have a subtle, small curve that results in a perfect fit against the engagement ring. They run the gamut in style from simple, all-metal bands to multi-material and gemstone rings.

Eternity wedding bands - sometimes referred to as infinity bands - get their names from the endless circle of stones or a pattern on the ring. Some believe this is representative of your endless love. Eternity bands can be crafted with a contour or straight shape and are worn alone or paired with an engagement ring. If you want the same look of an eternity band with a lower cost, you can opt for a half-eternity set ring. As the name suggests, stones are featured on only one half of the band, while the other half is metal. 

Another thing to consider is the stone shapes and setting which will greatly impact the look of your wedding band. In a bezel set ring, the stone is secured in surrounding metal. Pavé is a version of a prong setting that features multiple lines of tiny stones, typically round cut. A channel set is just that - the stones are secured within a channel of metal. 

One last thing to consider is the idea of having your engagement ring and wedding band safely and permanently joined together through the soldering process, which uses a filler metal to bond the two rings. This process reduces damage caused by your rings rubbing together during daily wear. 

We hope this gives you a better understanding of wedding band options. To find out more, stop by Windsor Jewelers this week during our Wedding Band Event where you can get a free men's band with your $1,500 wedding band purchase OR pay no interest for 24 months! See store for complete details.