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Windsor Jewelers Honored at JDRF Hope Gala

February 2nd, 2019

Windsor Jewelers has been a proud supporter of JDRF for many years. They have hosted multiple fundraising events at their stores to benefit JDRF both in Winston-Salem and Charlotte, in addition to providing jewelry and watches for the Gala jewelry auction in Winston-Salem since its inception in 2001. They have done the same in Charlotte since their store opened.

Through these jewelry auctions, Windsor Jewelers has helped raise over $300,000 that went directly to diabetes research. Rob Simon, president of Windsor Jewelers, was honored to be recognized for their fundraising efforts for such an important organization in the community. He thanked everyone at the gala for this unexpected honor and asked attendees to "look around the room and see the faces of the local community and businesses that were there to support JDRF". He reminded everyone to shop local businesses when given a choice since they support JDRF and many other local charities.

Red Maxwell, event chair, welcomed the crowd of 1,100 attendees telling them, "Rob has been with us since our very first Gala back in 2001—not only donating beautiful pieces of jewelry for our raffle here in the Triad, but also connecting with JDRF's chapter in Charlotte and doing the same for their Gala!"

Eleanor Schaffner-Mosh, Executive Director stated, "We've calculated that over the first 18 years of our Gala and nearly 10 years with the Charlotte Gala, Windsor Jewelers' support has resulted in more than $300,000 going directly to diabetes research!"