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Choosing the Perfect Anniversary Rings for Anniversary Milestones

May 23rd, 2023

Anniversary Rings

Weddings symbolize the beginning of the most beautiful chapter in a person's life, marking the union of two soulmates in a sacred bond filled with love and lifelong commitment. While engagement and proposal rings have risen in popularity over the past few decades, couples are warmly embracing another milestone gift nowadays – anniversary rings.

Read on to learn more about this endearing gesture of surprising your better half with a thoughtful, romantic anniversary ring to mark this special day.

Anniversary Rings for Different Anniversary Milestones

Anniversary rings are the perfect way to celebrate remarkable years of togetherness spent with your significant other. Whether you are newlyweds or long-term married partners (lovebirds), anniversary rings are a sparkling reminder of everything - from memories and experiences to a family - that you've created together. These rings are available in myriad styles, sizes, and designs. But eternity bands are a particularly popular choice as they symbolize love and tenderness. Traditionally, there are certain gemstones and metals associated with each year of marital bliss.

Shedding some shine on your glorious love story, check out our top recommendations for your special day.

1st Wedding Anniversary:

One Down, Forever to Go: Celebrating the Colors of Love

Are you still newlyweds and bursting with passion? Well, the first wedding anniversary is indeed very special. Couples are still learning about each other, and an unconventional anniversary ring is perfect for showing your love. While gold jewelry is a classic representation of this togetherness, gemstones lend numerous meanings to laud this momentous occasion. Moreover, as the year passed was filled with many firsts, why not keep the excitement going with a vibrant, unconventional choice? Women can add color to their jewelry ensemble with a colored gemstone anniversary band or choose a vintage ring that pays homage to old-school love.

Anniversary Rings

AN15827W44SA; Retail Price - $1,500

Gift your (September-born) spouse this regal sapphire ring. It conveys truth, sincerity, and faithfulness, perfect for your happily ever after.

Anniversary Rings

LR51614W45RA; Retail Price - $750

This 14K white gold ring with diamonds and rubies is a beautiful reminder of your love and vows on your first anniversary, signifying wealth and protection.

Anniversary Rings

LR52195M45JJ; Retail Price - $975

Perfect to layer with your engagement ring, this classic 14k white-yellow gold ring with an infinity-shaped diamond aptly describes your ‘forever’ with your partner who is a traditionalist at heart.

5th Wedding Anniversary:

Grow Together, Rejoice Together: Love That Shines Bright Like a Diamond

We congratulate you if you're approaching the marvelous 5-year mark with your partner. Halfway through a decade, you now know each other inside and out. As the feeling of oneness seeps seamlessly into all aspects of your life and connotes a period of stability and growth, this milestone testifies to the unwavering commitment, solidarity, trust, understanding, and adaptability that couples develop over time. You've become a team that's capable of effective communication and working together. It's an amazing milestone for many couples who grow their family too. Tell her you love her with a dazzling diamond anniversary ring - a super stylish and elegant gift.

Anniversary Rings

AN15555W44JJ; Retail Price - $2,850

This 14k white gold diamond anniversary ring strikes a balance between being sartorial and fashionable; you can wear it on its own or stack it with another sparkler for a fuller appearance.

Anniversary Rings

AN8181W44JJ; Retail Price - $4,000

This chic variation of the classic anniversary band featuring three layers of diamonds beautifully proclaims your past, present and future together.

10th Wedding Anniversary

A Decade to Eternity: Celebrating the ‘Us,' Now and Forever

Love is raw, real, and unfazed. For many, a 10th wedding anniversary is a milestone check that solidifies a couple’s ability to weather any storm and navigate life together through the various ups and downs. A decade of successful marriage calls for a celebration to renew your commitment, love, and stability. This phase is characterized by building a strong family foundation, helping your kids grow, and nurturing your own connection with your partner by rekindling that youthful passion. Associated with resilience and strength, celebrate your 10-year milestone with a diamond anniversary ring - the hardest substance on earth - just like your enduring love. Gift her a diamond as big as you can afford but without breaking the bank.

Anniversary Rings

AN12425W44SA; Retail Price - $6,800

This eye-catching 14k white gold band is studded with round diamonds and pear-shaped sapphires. Show your wife she's still your queen - and express gratitude for her loyalty.

Anniversary Rings

AN12421T44JJ; Retail Price - $6,200

This 14k white and rose-gold diamond ring makes a stunning statement with its intricate design.

25th Wedding Anniversary:

Quarterly Love Celebration: Committed Then, Committed Now

The ‘Silver Jubilee’ commemorates 25 years of marriage – a quintessential portrayal of purity, evolution, patience, healing, protection, and strength in a relationship. With children growing up and life coming full circle, and with wealth, status, and prosperity accumulated over the years, it's time for a couple to rekindle their precious bond with each other. To mark the profound magnificence of this occasion, gift her a stunning diamond anniversary band that she can't take her eyes off and that she can also proudly show off to her circle of friends and family.

Anniversary Rings

AN12426W44JJ; Retail Price - $8,500

This glimmering anniversary band is embellished with emerald diamonds, a sign of your strong bond through the years. A statement piece, you can make it an heirloom later.

Anniversary Rings

AN8261W44JJ; Retail Price - $1,275

A one-of-a-kind piece, this twisted 14k white gold diamond band sparklingly pays homage to the various challenges, wins, learning, and experiences intertwined together in the past 25 outstanding years.

50th Wedding Anniversary:

A Golden Moment: Getting Younger in Love, Together, Again

As a couple transcends into this wonderful chapter of their lives, the 50th wedding anniversary embarks on embracing their years of elderly bliss together. Back to old-school romance, this phase is about giving emotional and physical support to one another. This landmark year commemorates the vast minefield of cherished moments experienced over the decades, showcasing a beautiful example of how love conquers all.

Eponymously, gold is the go-to metal as it represents luxury, wealth, tenacity, and devotion. As younger generations look up to the older couple for inspiration, it’s time to reflect, be grateful for the past, and look forward to the future with renewed hope and optimism. Only an anniversary ring that is luxurious, stunning, and opulent is befitting as a gift for this ‘Golden Jubilee’ moment.

Anniversary Rings

AN15317W44JJ; Retail Price - $9,000

Set in pristine white gold, this luxurious diamond ring is a mesmerizing jewel to indulge your better half with and thank her for her unflinching fidelity, love, and faithfulness throughout life.

Anniversary Rings

AN15294W44JJ; Retail Price - $5,600

Going for superior quality, this 14k white gold baguette diamond ring is a subtle, yet magnificent keepsake to gift your wife - a symbol of your successful relationship, beaming with eternal love.

75th Wedding Anniversary:

Celebrating the Platinum Years of Togetherness: Rare and Exquisite

What a fairy tale love. Only a few lucky couples experience this blissful time in their lives. A time to remember the magical moments they've shared - this remarkable and rare accomplishment is worth celebrating with opulent jewelry made in gold, diamond, and platinum. Like platinum, known for its rarity, strength, and resistance to corrosion, this milestone year represents longevity in a happy, gratifying, and fulfilling relationship.

Anniversary Rings

AN15311T44JJ; Retail Price - $7,600

This statement-making, 14k white-rose gold, layered diamond band is a brilliant symbol of this momentous occasion. Just like their captivating love story, this radiant jewel tugs at your heartstrings.

Anniversary Rings

AN16415-6W43JJ; Retail Price - $50,500

Less is more. This lavish, yet minimalistic 14k white gold ring is perfect to commemorate a lifetime’s worth of memories, learning, commitment, and undying love- a glorious, love-glazed history in the making.