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This Summer’s Standout Accessories

May 5th, 2024

a woman looking away from the camera wearing a pair of drop earrings

At Windsor Jewelers are excited to showcase the jewelry trends anticipated to sparkle this summer—each radiating boldness and perfectly crafted to express the distinctive personality of its wearer. Our expertly compiled list highlights a dynamic range of styles, designed not just for adornment but for empowerment. This season, make a statement that mirrors your own spirit with selections from our superb collection. Dive into summer with pieces that resonate with the vibrant trends and elevate your personal style narrative.

a yellow gold pendant necklace featuring starfish motifs

Nautical Nods

The allure of the ocean has washed ashore in this summer's jewelry trends, where sea-inspired pieces are capturing the whimsical and fun spirit of the season. Motifs of sea creatures and shells are proving to be a playful nod to summer's carefree essence. A prime example of this trend is this Frederic Sage Natural Shell necklace, which features delightful starfish motifs. This pendant necklace merges the beauty of the sea with the charm of summer, making it an ideal accessory for both casual beach days and elegant summer evenings. Let these oceanic designs bring a wave of freshness to your seasonal wardrobe.

a white gold fashion ring with a sculpted bow motif

Billowing Bows

This year, ribbons and bows are making a charming statement in the fashion world, and their influence is set to make a big splash in summer styles. Jewelry adorned with bow motifs are youthful, fun, and distinctly feminine. An exquisite example of this trend is seen in this King Baby ring, featuring a bold, sculpted bow. This piece exemplifies how a simple, playful theme can transform an accessory, adding a touch of whimsy and a youthful vibe to any summer outfit. Perfect for adding personality and polish to any look, bow-themed jewelry is truly the season's must-have.

a sculptural silver cuff bracelet

Captivating Cuffs

This summer, big, bold cuff bracelets are making a statement as a popular accessory trend. These striking pieces are versatile, providing an easy way to inject bold expression into any ensemble. This Ippolita Senso bracelet is a prime example of this trend at its best. With its substantial design, it commands attention while maintaining a sleek and stylish look that complements a variety of outfits. Whether paired with a casual t-shirt and jeans or a sophisticated evening dress, this bracelet adds a layer of drama and flair, making it an essential addition to any summer jewelry collection.

a pair of white gold chandelier earrings with long chains

Bohemian Beauties

Flowy, expressive, bohemian-inspired pieces are capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and are expected to dominate jewelry trends during the warmer months. These designs are notably expressive and fun, encapsulating the ideal vibe for summer with their relaxed yet ornate aesthetics. A stunning illustration of this style is seen in these show-stopping Gabriel & Co. Kaslique earrings. These chandelier earrings beautifully manifest the bohemian spirit with intricate detailing that dances with every movement, adding an effortless elegance to light summer fabrics and vibrant evening wear alike, perfect for embracing summer's spontaneous adventures.

a woman’s arm wearing a white sleeve and a bold gold cuff bracelet

Discover the Best Summertime Jewelry at Windsor Jewelers

Find your perfect summer accessories at Windsor Jewelers. Both our Winston-Salem and Charlotte, North Carolina jewelry stores offer an exquisite selection of designer jewelry that captures the essence of summer style. Whether you're seeking something bold and expressive or delicate and refined, our extensive collection has something for everyone. In addition to our designer pieces, we offer custom design and jewelry repair services to meet all your needs. Enhance your jewelry experience by requesting an appointment for a personalized consultation with our knowledgeable team members today, and let us help you find or create your ideal accessory for the season.