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Summer Accessories: The Perfect Watches for Outdoor Excursions

May 20th, 2024

a couple sitting together outdoors wearing matching silver and blue watches

Dive into summer adventures with a reliable timepiece that thrives under the sun and surf. Whether you're scaling cliffs, exploring hiking trails, or diving into azure waters, a sturdy watch is a must-have companion. At Windsor Jewelers, discover a superb selection of summer-ready watches designed to meet every challenge. These extraordinary pieces are not just functional— they're also phenomenally stylish, perfect for anyone looking to channel the soul of the season. Make every moment count during your summer explorations with a watch from our curated collection, where durability meets unmatched style.

a navy, light blue, and silver Superocean watch by Breitling

Swim, Surf, and Style

Embrace the essence of summer with the Breitling Superocean Automatic 36 watch. Ideal for those who thrive both in and out of the water, this watch is meticulously crafted to accompany you while swimming, surfing, or engaging in any vigorous summer activity. Its robust design ensures water resistance down to impressive depths, making it a reliable partner for underwater explorations. The sleek, stylish aesthetic complements any beachwear or casual summer outfit, ensuring that you look as good as you feel. For those who demand both function and fashion, this timepiece is a flawless choice to keep pace with your adventurous spirit.

a silver and navy Aquatimer watch by IWC

Dazzling Depths

Unleash your adventurous side this summer with a dive watch designed to push boundaries. The IWC Schaffhausen Aquatimer Automatic 2000 is engineered for the extreme, boasting water resistance up to an astonishing 1000 feet. This exceptional feature makes it the ideal companion for deep-sea diving, snorkeling, and any other aquatic endeavor you dare to undertake. Its rugged construction withstands the rigors of outdoor activities, while its sophisticated design ensures it looks great on your wrist, whether you're exploring coral reefs or hiking coastal trails. Dive into your next adventure with confidence and style with this remarkable timepiece.

a black and silver watch with many complications by TAG Heuer

Functional Features

Upgrade your summer adventures with a watch that brings a blend of functionality and style. This TAG Heuer Carrera Automatic Chronograph watch is a testament to precision engineering, equipped with features perfect for those who live life constantly on the go. Its robust chronograph function allows you to measure time with flawless accuracy, ideal for timing hikes, laps in the pool, or any spontaneous races the summer might bring. With a sleek design that transitions effortlessly from outdoor activities to casual evenings out, this watch is an essential piece of gear for those who value both utility and aesthetics in their summer escapades.

a blue and silver scuba watch by Hamilton

Color and Creativity

Summer calls for a watch that stands out not just in functionality but in style as well. Colorful and robust, the Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto offers a vibrant blue aesthetic that captures the spirit of summer while providing the durability needed for your favorite outdoor activities. This timepiece is built to withstand the elements, whether you're surfing big waves or exploring rugged terrains. Its eye-catching color makes it a great accessory for any summer outfit, while its water resistance and sturdy build ensure it can keep up with your most dynamic summer adventures. Perfect for those who want to combine practicality with a strong style statement.

a man pointing a camera at the ocean, wearing a white and brown watch

Find Great Watches for an Active Lifestyle at Windsor Jewelers

Discover the perfect summer watch at Windsor Jewelers. Both our Winston-Salem and Charlotte, North Carolina jewelry stores offer an impressive array of new designer timepieces alongside a meticulously curated selection of pre-owned watches. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant and sturdy companion for your seasonal adventures or a sophisticated classic for special occasions, our collection is sure to dazzle. Additionally, Windsor Jewelers provides expert watch repair services, ensuring your cherished timepiece remains in pristine condition for years to come. For a truly tailored experience, request an appointment for a personalized consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members.