Windsor Jewelers Awards Hamilton Watches to Sheriff 's Officers of the Year

April 10th, 2017

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., April 2017 - As part of their effort to honor local law enforcement, Rob Simon of Windsor Jewelers, with Sheriff William T. Schatzman, presented Hamilton watches to Deputy Ethan Goings and Deputy Richard Beeson recognizing them as the 2016 Sheriff's Officers of the Year for Winston- Salem and Forsyth County. 

About the officers:
On July 5, 2016, Deputy Beeson and Deputy Goings responded to a suicide threat. Upon their arrival, Deputy Beeson made contact with the subject and built a rapport with him. The subject told Deputy Beeson that he was depressed because he was homeless, broke and had nowhere to go. He explained to Deputy Beeson that he had a job interview the next day and feared he would not get the position because he had nowhere to take a shower. The subject went on to say that if he could not get employed soon that he would have to resort to stealing to survive. 

Deputies Beeson and Goings, after exhausting all possible housing leads, found the subject a hotel room and personally paid for one night's stay. They also placed money inside of a Sheriff's Office brochure to help the subject with transportation costs to the interview. 

Deputy Beeson subsequently received a voicemail from the subject telling him that he had been offered the job and credited both deputies with him getting the position. The subject thanked Deputy Beeson and Deputy Goings for their kindness in his time of need. Deputies Beeson and Goings truly went above and beyond the call of duty. They treated the subject with compassion and empathy, and not just another call for service. 

In recognition of their professionalism and kindness in the performance of their duties, both Deputy Ethan Goings and Deputy Richard Beeson, were selected as the 2016 Sheriff's Officers of the Year. 

About Windsor Jewelers:
Supporting and celebrating the Winston-Salem community, Windsor Jewelers, has proudly recognized local law enforcement and many other community organizations. Founded by Rob Simon in 1986, Windsor Jewelers is a family-owned and operated business with a true dedication to superior service and meeting the needs of all customers. 

About Hamilton Watches:
Hamilton watches combine the American spirit with the unrivaled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technology and are among the finest American watches in the world. Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has been an innovator of timepieces since its inception.